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Your Healthcare Team

Who the heck was that, again?


Your child is likely being cared for by many doctors at various levels of their career, from beginning students to grizzled veterans. We'll help you understand each physician's role.

The Team

Caring for an ill child takes a team effort. These are the professionals you'll see at the bedside and on "rounds."

Typical Routine

You're overwhelmed and you haven't slept in days. All you want is a shower. We'll describe the typical routine so you can take care of yourself while being present for important aspects of your child's care.


What is that machine and why is it beeping?

The Ventilator

Seeing your child on a breathing machine is scary. We’ll explain what you should know, and what you shouldn’t worry about.

Common Medications

The most common categories of medications, and what they do help your child become well again.

Catheters and Tubes

Whether it’s for administering medicine or removing unwanted fluid, that plastic tube is an important of your child’s recovery.

The Monitor

Squiggly lines, confusing numbers, and scary alarms explained.

The Q&A Post

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